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Rime Buddhist Center Dharma Talks

The Rime Buddhist Center is a (non-sectarian) Center dedicated to the cultivation of wisdom and compassion. The Center is a refuge for the nurturing of inner peace, kindness, community understanding and world peace. The Center’s primary objective is to provide a qualified program of Buddhist studies and Tibetan culture taught by monks, lamas and other Tibetan teachers, and to promote a harmonious relationship of understanding between both Tibetans and Westerners.

Jun 23, 2019

Dharma discussion with Lama Matthew Palden Gocha and Circe Nova on June 23rd, 2019.

Music by Barefoot Bran Music.

The exact quote from the book Cave in the Snow that Lama Matt referenced is "To me the Dakini principle stands for the intuitive force. Women get it in a flash-they’re not interested in intellectual discussion which they normally find dry and cold with minimal appeal. To women that’s the long way of going about it. They go through the back door! This reveals itself as women being more practical in their approach, less abstract and idealistic than men. They want to know, ‘What can we do?’ They’re not entranced by theories and ideas-they want to be able to crunch it between their teeth." - Tenzin Palmo.